Carpet Fitter

I am an Independent floor coverings installer, planner and consultant, covering the Midlands area. I provide on-site carpet testing and inspections in response to claims of manufacturing faults and mistakes or negligence in carpet fitting or carpet cleaning. I have fifty two years experience in the carpet and flooring trade inspecting most flooring materials fitted in private homes, commercial properties, offices and hotels and on behalf of suppliers, manufacturers, loss adjusters and insurance companies. ( Download our FREE Android APP here.)



  • Wagner Moisture Meters Deep Digital Readings

  • Bosch Surface Scanner the worlds first.

  • Hi-Tech Moisture Meter from Ryobi readings and data straight to your phone.

  • We Support Stagecoach Arts

Stagecoach Arts.

Stagecoach Theatre Arts is a highly regarded network of performing arts schools with a proven record of delivering quality dance, drama and singing lessons to youngsters worldwide. Over the years Stagecoach has provided a springboard for some of the UK's leading young talent and has had the privilege of watching thousands of kids grow in confidence and ability. We first opened our doors in 1988 when Stagecoach founders Stephanie Manuel and David Sprigg launched three schools in Richmond, Redhill and Woking. Their formula of teaching small classes of children an hour of dance, an hour of singing and an hour of drama on a weekly basis was an instant success.

Bosch GSL 2

This is the first floor laser tool to help make floors level and flat. Bosch says this tool is accurate to (+/-) 1/8-inch to 30 feet, horizontal and vertical. I don't have any confidence that manual techniques can be more accurate than that. For example, the standards for flooring contractors is (+/_) 3/16-inch every 10 feet. That's not as accurate as this laser tool. But the main thing is the contractor takes a lot less time to check for flatness and levelling of the concrete sub floor and can theoretically therefore take more time fixing elevations and depressions on the concrete surface. I recommend this laser floor tool. It's the only one on the market anyway. <read more>

Ryobi Moisture Meter.

Detect moisture levels with more confidence and functionality than ever before. Ryobi Phone Works introduces a better, smarter way to monitor and track moisture content in wood, drywall, cement, and other building materials. The innovative Phone Works mobile app and Moisture Meter device turn your smart phone into a pinned moisture meter that reads moisture content and displays the results on your phone screen. Using the free mobile app, you’re able to track a wide range of moisture content between 6%- 44% and compare your results to acceptable humidity ranges based on your geographic location. <read more>